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Brief history of the Hotel Rosa d’Oro based on the memories of Lodovico Detomas and Mrs Giulia Detomas.
In the second half of the 19th century, botanists and language scholars began to visit the valley, followed by geologists, mineralogists and an increasing number of mountaineers.
In the second half of the 19th century, there was a timid movement of settled tourism, which prompted the valley inhabitants to open hotel houses. In almost every public establishment, inn or hotel, a collection of fossils and crystals was kept for commercial purposes.
Giovanni Battista Masaner opened the ‘Alla Rosa’ hotel at an uncertain date. What is known is that the building, which was originally a farmhouse built entirely of wood, was consolidated with a structure partly of stone bound with lime and partly used as a barn with stables underneath. For reasons unknown to us, the Masaner farmer-managers had financial difficulties and were forced to sell the building with the attached rural properties to Mr Desilvestro Lazzaro da Medil, who bought the properties in 1902 and married Maria Giovanna Rasom; from their union, the only daughter Veronica Desilvestro was born in 1903. The inn-hotel (now called agritour) managed to rent rooms with full or half board. In the summer, the structure gathered the first permanent tourists, and in the winter the family economy was sustained by the sale of drinks, a bit of catering at the always-open osteria, and the slaughtering of animals and products from the countryside.

Alla Rosa Vigo

During the First World War, the Alla Rosa Hotel was requisitioned by the Austrian military forces and converted into barracks with guest quarters and military canteen, first aid rooms and dormitories for soldiers returning from the nearby Selle front.
Once the First War was over, the misfortunes for the Desilvestro family did not end. In 1921, Vigo burns and the Alla Rosa hotel also burns. The Desilvestro family rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt the building with great sacrifice, continuing with stubborn tenacity to revive the Alla Rosa Hotel. From that moment on, the Alla Rosa hotel, as Mr Lodovico Detomas, the current owner, testifies, was to be called the Alla Rosa d’Oro hotel. In 1928 Veronica marries Lodovico Detomas of Pozza and from now on the Detomas family will run the Alla Rosa d’Oro hotel, following the tourist activities that up to now have allowed them to live off the proceeds of the business with an increasing number of tourists who now also take up mountaineering activities, lengthening the periods of permanence. Every year the facilities and services were improved as far as possible,until 1939 when,after the summer season,the winds of war blew,the Alla Rosa d’Oro Hotel closed until February 1945.
From February to June 1945, during the retreat of the German military from Italy, the Hotel Rosa was transformed into a support base for troops returning to Germany. The building had been seized and used as a supply and guesthouse for the Nazi fighters. In June 1945, the occupying troops were seized by the Allied forces and taken to Verona.Veronica and Ludovico Detomas worked hard, put Hotel Rosa back to work and in August 1945 gave dignified hospitality to their first guest: Mr Armanini Luigi from Milan. Although the name was shortened to Hotel Rosa, the Albergo Alla Rosa d’Oro was definitely reborn in August 1945.

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Tourism re-emerged in the valley after the end of World War II. In 1950, Hotel Rosa transformed the entire building into a hotel, even converting the barn and stables into tourist accommodation.
In 1959, the Rosa installed the heating system and gave the go-ahead for the opening of the winter season, and the first ski lifts were installed to practice the sport of alpine skiing. The turning point, with the economic boom of the post-war renaissance came in 1964. Hotel Rosa goes from one floor of rooms to four floors. In 1966, the restaurant room is expanded, the furnishings are enriched and embellished in a unique way, and they are still used and appreciated by guests today. In 1968 the first swimming pool in the Val di Fassa was built in the basement of Hotel Rosa. It is the size of an Olympic-size swimming pool, very large with glass windows looking out onto enchanting panoramas with a view stretching from the Marmolada to the mountains of San Martino di Castrozza. With the rising cost of heating fuels, the pool is reduced by two-thirds and then closed.

The hotel, however, gradually renewed itself over the years, adapting to the regulations imposed by the Province of Trento.Now the grandson of Lodovico Detomas, who bears the same name and is the current owner of the Rosa hotel, wants to give the town a new image, with the construction of an innovative structure that will create a square for the entire community of Vigo, improving its liveability and upgrading the entire architectural ensemble of the Rosa hotel, because he wants to give the name of Albergo alla Rosa d’Oro back to the beautiful town of Vigo.

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