Cycle Tourism & Montain Bike in Val di Fassa

Cycle tourism is a form of tourism practised by bicycle, with the ‘train + bike’ variants or with tours organised by agencies that provide logistical support and luggage transport. It is a particularly economical way of travelling that deviates from the usual canons and itineraries of mass tourism. Sometimes it is possible to use ‘off-piste’ itineraries, e.g. along bridle paths with the use of a mountain bike.

For cycling and mountain bike enthusiasts, the Dolomites offer breathtaking views and exciting scenery, with a multitude of itineraries.
The mountain bike routes that wind through the Val di Fassa between the velle and the Dolomite passes are numerous and of varying difficulty. Everyone can choose the itinerary that is most congenial to their competitive abilities. The most trained can tackle the steep climbs, while those who practise this sport for total immersion in nature can choose itineraries that are less steep and more relaxing.

In the Dolomites, cycling and mountain biking become an adventure immersed in the mountain scenery of these peaks.
Follow the numerous cycling routes in the Dolomites; they will take you from one valley to the next, taking you to the peaks and past alpine pastures. Professional guides will show you the most beautiful places in the Dolomites.