Motobikers: Holidays for Motorcyclists

Motorbike holidays are an opportunity to fully experience the charm of the Val di Fassa and the fantastic scenery of the Dolomites.

The Val di Fassa with its Dolomite itineraries offers roads and passes full of bends to go from one side to the other and breathtaking mountain views.
Motorbike holidays in the Val di Fassa are the ultimate for a motorcyclist in terms of the possibilities of experiencing the excitement and adventure of the mountains.

Thanks to its strategic position in Vigo di Fassa, Hotel Rosa is the ideal starting point for motorcyclists’ holidays, who can reach most of the Dolomite passes in a short time and enjoy the splendid scenery.

In Val di Fassa there are numerous services to meet the needs of motorcyclists, with information on itineraries to visit the most interesting places in the Dolomites and the whole of Trentino, an ideal territory for motorbikers interested in discovering mountains, lakes, natural parks, castles, wine and food itineraries, etc.

Holidays for motorcyclists to experience the excitement of the Dolomites of Val di Fassa in total freedom.