Art & Culture in Val di Fassa, the ancient land of the Ladins

In addition to the Dolomites and unspoilt nature, the Val di Fassa offers an important cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Ladin land, which proudly guards its cultural, linguistic and gastronomic roots.

Tourists in the Val di Fassa can get to know the thousand-year-old Ladin culture that has preserved customs and traditions over the centuries.

In the culture of the Val di Fassa, great emphasis is placed on traditions, the sense of belonging to the community and the great love for the mountains.
We find these values in the legends recorded in the numerous literary works and in the tales told in front of the fireplace, in the numerous festivals and folkloristic events.
The culture of artistic wood craftsmanship in the Val di Fassa should be emphasised, with its characteristic workshops where hard-working artisans, with the help of chisels and hammers, carve wood, creating fantastic artistic works.

We would also like to point out the Ladin Museum of Fassa, the churches, the exhibitions on the First World War, the art galleries, the mineral exhibitions, etc.

Last but not least, the events and exciting folk festivals, such as the Ladin Carnival, which enrich the holiday and involve tourists.